You won’t find the typical boy meets girl love story here my friends! This is the story of a lovely lady…who probably won’t ever forget this day. As well as many other people in the U.S. who remembered that Sandy Hook day back in 2012. From that event, an organization formed called SANDY HOOK PROMISE which helps bring awareness and prevention towards gun violence with kids. A few days ago, SANDY HOOK PROMISE released their latest ad commercial which give us an eye opening example on how to detect a potential troubled individual. The video starts off innocent, but is a prime example showing how we often are blind to the undercry for help from people around us.

I obviously award this commerical advertising as for the CULTURE. There was no reaching for attention, but hoping you were already paying attention to details. Nothing  was for sale in this ad and the person of it was to educate our society. This ad seems to have done a good job. Almost all comments regarding this video has been positive since it’s releasing. “Thanks for powerful vid.I work in behavioral intervention and this is helpful” someone commented on Twitter. People are using this video content to change their behavior and it’s inspiring a reaction out of people. I actually first saw this video from a friend who retweeted the video and wrote “powerful”. I agree with the messaging of this video and feel the whole world needs to watch it. Since 1999 events like Sandy Hook elementary doesn’t seem rare anymore.


Watch the video above by clicking on it and let me know how you feel afterwards!!


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