“This is a celebration of life without strings. With Beats Wireless there’s nothing to hold you down, make you fret, or make you frown”- BEATS by DRE. I really like this commercial. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of ‘Pinocchio’ the original film and the “Got No Strings” song. BEATS by DRE were genius to combine this vintage song to their latest release of wireless headphones. This commercial stars a bunch of current celebrities struting around the streets and dancing while rocking various style headphones and earbuds by BEATS. One of my idols, Pharrell Williams, is featured in this commercial which I feel make it more relevant. Pharrell is a tech gadget individual and he pays close attention to details. Having this wide range of celebrities featured makes this commercial appeal to a wide range of audience memebers.

I award this commercial as CULTURE. It’s hard to determine why I feel it’s culture, but the combination of new products and a vintage song can engage a bunch of generations to this commercial. Youtube comments by many subscribers said they only came to the page to listen to the song. Other Youtube subscribers mention they only came to this page due to their favorite celebrity being featured. This type of engagement level tells me that people had a positive reaction to something in this ad. I still won’t buy one of these headphones even though I very much like this commercial. My reasoning is the price is still the same and I think they’re too expensive for an average college student.

Watch the video and tell me your thoughts…



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