APPLE Released A New Ad Humanizing Frankenstein.


Even monsters need love too around the holidays! Right before Thanksgiving, Apple has released a new commercial ad to fast forward people to the Christmas spirit. Honestly, I haven’t seen this commercial until I went digging for new material. Maybe the TV airing hasn’t been as heavily yet as we approach closer to Christmas Day. I’m not a big fan of Frankenstein nor can I hardly remember everything that took place in the old Frankenstein films. From my memory, Frankenstein was a science experiment grown out of control, even for his creator. In the film, Frankenstein is looked at as a monster, but this creature has human wants and needs as well. In this holiday ad, Frankenstein leaves his isolated home to join city folks to sing Christmas carols. His confidence isn’t up, but he is soon accepted in, as the people come around him to sing along. This all happens while Frankie plays music off his iPhone. LOL

It’s hard for me to decide rather if APPLE went REACHING with this commercial or they represented our current CULTURE well. It’s hard to decided for me because APPLE had a powerful and deep message in this commercial, but how does that make me want to buy and explain to me the quality of an iPhone. At the end of the commercial, it says “open your heart to everyone”. This sounds like a political statement to me. I agree with the statement due to a lot of hate going on in different parts of the world in recent times. APPLE wins on the moral and messaging strategy. It’s almost impossible to get an audience’s reaction to this commercial as I discovered APPLE doesn’t allow commenting under the video post on Youtube. I went to APPLE’s verified twitter account which they have a large following, but the account has no tweets listed. APPLE’s social media communication seems to mainly be from their APPLE MUSIC accounts. This is a different social media presence coming from a multi-billion dollar company.

To check out APPLE’s latest commercial ad and to create your own opinion, please click on the video below:


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