My name is Teddy Theodore and I created this blog for the sole purpose of putting commercial ads including prints on trail ! I felt what’s better than evaluating some of the best and worse advertisements we get thrown in our faces via mobile devices and on our daily commutes by public transportation. Advertising has taken over every single public space. We can’t hide from em so somebody might as well help confront them!! I’m based in New York City and I’m currently studying the fields of Advertising and Public Relations at The City College of New York. I’m personally not a fan of textbook ads that only relate to us on an superficial level, but always seems to lack conscience awareness to why we need their products. There’s a blurred line between being relatable and culturally understanding. Hopefully my articles will elaborate on this notion vividly. My end goal is to collectively determine were these ads thought out carefully to represent CULTURE or just another stereotypical PROMO strategy! SMH. anyscreensaver