CITY HARVEST Takes Care of The Big Apple


I was leaving school and came across this ad at the 135th St. train station. What caught my eye was what looked to be two boys from different backgrounds stopped their game of basketball to pose for the camera. It wasn’t clear, but I had to read on why they decided to pose for. On the left side of the ad were a group of fruits and statements comparing the fruits to looking out for NYC kids. I felt the message was powerful enough to be a representative of a worldly concern.


I award this ad as for the CULTURE! With a few thousands followers on Twitter and Instagram, not much is being commented on regarding helping to feed the less fortunate or our youths. I’m not sure if people don’t really care or it’s a sensitive topic to just make a comment on social media, but I know restaurant food wastage is big in many cities. Most of the comments are only single words like “awesome” and “great!” based on what’s in the picture posted. I call this ad “culture” because CITY HARVEST is being honest with facts and didn’t go straight to the celebrity spokesperson route. Other cities around the US can relate to this ad as well. There are wealthy Midtown area supermarkets, also local mom & pops shops and youth centers in the same city. The diversity of NYC is reflected by the two boys hugging it out, showing how the wealthy, the not so rich, and all individuals effects one another. I find interesting in an over populated state, you don’t see many ads like these around wealthier locations. Who’s really getting the message? It’s like telling the working class about the importance of having a job. Maybe as Americans were only in the mood of giving back and helping only during the holiday season!


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