ADIDAS Wants To Keep Creating That New New!


One of Adidas’ latest commercials feature basketball’s most exciting athletes, James Harden! In this commercial James Harden talks about the “what ifs” of losing creative aspects of yourself little by little. What would the world be like if we all were more alike? What if we were controlled by from to do and what not to do? James Harden and Adidas doesn’t seem that they will give up their creativity skills to be more like their competition. Also in this commercial, other sides of life is compared to outside of basketball. We get the kids joking around in school, of course more basketball players, and the fashion world, all from the perspective of be uniquely different.

I award this Adidas advertisement as for the CULTURE! From my perspective this commercial is connecting more than selling shoes and apparel. I feel Adidas was trying to connect on the lifestyle point of view of an individualist. Just like Adidas competitor’s slogan, “Just Do It” by NIKE, Adidas marketed this ad towards people who’s always been asked “why are you doing that?”. I called this culture also due to the fact Adidas didn’t want the commercial to be solely about them, but how we must keep the culture of creativity flowing. An example of that is the new fashion trend of wearing running sneakers. Adidas’ new “Ultra Boost” line has been the most newly sought after sneaker since the signing of Kanye West to designer deal. Online most people are liking the commercial saying it’s cool and inspirational. Someone commented “This is inspirational even for people outside of basketball. Like, when I was taking art classes my teachers would try to remove any kind of originality to my projects and expected everyone to have the exact same thing. Same for other classes when I tried doing things my way. When I read a book and I learned a lesson but the teacher said that the meaning behind it was something else or when I found my own way of solving a math problem. Even when I got the right answer, I had to do it their way”. This person’s quote inspired me to think about all the times I and my classmates were instructed, but not allowed to express what was in our minds. It will be a sad world when there’s more than five people in one place that are just alike.

Check out the Adidas commercial and let me know what you think of this article afterwards:


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