When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Ice-T!

It’s never too late to give my opinion! A commercial ad I’ve been seeing on TV for a while now, has finally gotten me to finally saying something. This GEICO commercial has the former hip-hop rapper “Ice-T” supervising two kids selling lemonade drinks on a front lawn. After neighbors constantly ask if is that ice tea or ice-T, they get turned down reading the sign.


I’m awarding this commercial as REACHING for the stars! First of all, after watching this commercial for weeks and weeks now on television, seeing an extended version on Youtube opened up a few more questions from me. The GEICO’s Youtube account plays an extended version of the commercial, which on TV they only play the last 20 seconds with Ice-T already in the scene. I prefer the extended online version just because there’s a build up to what has these people so confused. This commercial was released in early September, which also seems a bit odd for a summer time feel so close to the autumn season. This commercial is still being aired to this day! My main issue with this commercial is that I see no clear purpose for the kids selling lemonade to reflect car accidents. I felt this commercial was reaching because it seems to me that the top marketing strategy was to get a celebrity figure and try to be funny around him. Plus they used a typical ice tea joke SMH. A person commented under the Youtube video saying “great commercial. Although it won’t effect who I buy insurance from. I go for the cheapest possible, I don’t care about anything but price”. I couldn’t agree more with this person’s comments. I feel a majority of car owners get insurance that best fits their lifestyle and mostly a plan that saves them monthly fees. Interpreting realistic life concerns with car owners might have engaged more for customers to consider GEICO. They didn’t even show any cool cars to grab car lovers attention.


Judge for yourself by watching this GEICO car insurance commercial.


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