The ‘Come Out of Nowhere’ NIKE commercial narrated by ‘King James’.

Late October 2016, Nike debuts one of its’ latest “Just Do It” commercials depicting the power of where having self-confidence and determination can take you in life, starring and narrated by LeBron “The King” James. This commercial kicked off the start of the new 2016-17 NBA season, following the championship win by The Cleveland Cavaliers last season. The best person to have a main role in this commercial was nobody better then LeBron James. The highlight of this commercial was the infamous block LeBron did late in the 4th quarter of game 7, to help seal Cleveland’s historic win.

I’m awarding this commercial as for the CULTURE! After watching this commercial, I feel NIKE tapped into an emotion many people, young to older adults, experience no matter if it’s in sports or in the business world. The emotion of never giving up and working pass “hating” individuals to get to where you want to be. The words you hear along your quest can be a deterrent on the mind, but always know why you started the journey. When NIKE released this commercial on Twitter, they included the caption “your circumstances don’t determine your outcome. Come out of nowhere like “. What I liked most about this commercial that reflected culture are the scenes of a young black male playing basketball at a predominantly all white school, the Asian teenage boy getting knocked down during a pickup game, and the smallest kid on the court coming up with the steal/assist against grown men. These are all parts of real life that nobody really mentions, but we kind of accept. The feeling of being out of place, but you enjoying what you’re doing can seem like a self conflict. There are individuals all over the world struggling to keep proving themselves worthy of their skills. I will admit there were times I would be the only black male in a particular class or neighborhood and having the awkward feeling. At the end of the day I was in these places for a purpose and a goal. One Twitter follower commented: “Always ten steps ahead of your competition. Great commercial as always”.


Check out the commercial and judge for yourself on if NIKE did too much reaching or represented for the culture!



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